CASE STUDY: Pharos Innovations - Microsoft on AWS Engagement

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Customer Overview:

Pharos Innovations is a SaaS platform that incentivizes performance and value-based healthcare. The Pharos platform works by decreasing avoidable inpatient utilization, driving individual patient behavioral change, leverage real-time patient health data, and develop sustainable and efficient care management models. By utilizing advanced algorithms and daily patient surveys, the platform analyzes patient responses flagging outliers and providing real-time feedback to the patient.

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Customer Challenge

Pharos Innovations is a medical technology provider processing PHI data. As such, they fell under the jurisdiction of HIPAA regulations and were having trouble scaling their architecture with their on-premise data center.

“Jason and team took our small old school thinking web architecture and ‘AWS-‘ifed’ it.  Their support, leadership and expertise has given us the confidence we need to build a scalable infrastructure to meet our growing business needs.”

Ryan Royal, Vice President of IT

The Solution

After an extensive search and recommendation from Amazon, Six Nines was selected as the consulting and migration partner to architect and build Pharos Innovations cloud-based environment.

Six Nines started by conducting an architecture review and assessment of the current on-premise environment. After mapping Pharos’ on premise technical stack, Six Nines architected a proposed infrastructure on AWS and presented for review to Pharos.

The architecture that was proposed and built utilized AWS’ HIPAA compliant services and managed services. The design was a VPC with a web tier on a dedicated host in a public subnet behind a public-facing Elastic Load Balancer (ELB.) Traffic was then routed to an internal ELB into a .NET application server in a private subnet, also on a dedicated host. The application tier traffic was then routed into a second private subnet holding a Relational Database Service (RDS) MSSQL database.

The application tier and database tier were allowed external internet access for updates via the NAT server in the public subnet.

By leveraging the AWS environment, Pharos was able to scale immediately to meet growing, world-wide demand. It also paved the way for additional horizontal scalability by preemptively including external and internal ELB’s pointing towards the Web and App tiers respectively. The RDS MSSQL is easily scaled for both HA and DR when Pharos deems necessary.

Six Nines utilized the following AWS services in the final solution:

  • Amazon VPC - Virtual Private Cloud
  • ELB - Elastic Load Balancing
  • RDS - Relational Database Service MSSQL
  • Route 53 - DNS Service

Result and Next Steps

Six Nines finished the project on-time and under-budget delivering a scalable and highly-available infrastructure with no single point of failure. Pharos was happy with the deliverables and the executed timeframe. Should the need arise to extend or modify their infrastructure further, Six Nines is available to continue the relationship.

Partner Overview

Six Nines IT is an Advanced AWS Consulting Partner specializing in:

  • Cloud Assessment and Strategy
  • Hybrid Cloud & Infrastructure Optimization
  • Application Design & Architectural Guidance

We provide three pillars of service to support your AWS initiatives that can be applied independently to offer supplemental support to your existing IT staff or as one complete turnkey solution.

As an Advanced Consulting Partner, Six Nines is in the top tier of consulting partners having demonstrated and delivered exceptional results throughout the years.

Six Nines has the combined expertise of AWS Certified Professionals and Associates in all Categories

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect
  • AWS Certified Developer
  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator
  • AWS Certified DevOps

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