Press Release: Six Nines announces CLOUD CIO™, a new cloud cost optimization service.

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Press Release: Oakland, CA, June 22nd, 2017:


Six Nines launches CLOUD CIO™ - Cost Optimization Service

Customers Can Now Forecast, Optimize & Review Costs Across Multiple Cloud Platforms

While IT leaders everywhere struggle to control their costs in the cloud, Six Nines, a leading cloud engineering firm, launched their Cloud Cost Optimization Service, CLOUD CIO™. As of today, current Six Nines consolidated billing customers, and new customers will have access to the CLOUD CIO™ suite of tools as well as detailed cloud spending reports, ongoing cost saving recommendations and quarterly, CTO level, reporting.



CLOUD CIO - Cost Optimization Report CLOUD CIO™ - Cost Optimization Report, powered by CloudHealth


As companies move to the cloud, and in many cases, several cloud providers, IT leaders need a simple, elegant and accurate way to view all of their cloud costs. They need this data consolidated on a single dashboard. Also, they need a way to drill down into how they are spending money and utilizing resources across workloads, business units, and services. There are many tools in the cloud ecosystem that do this today but extracting the data, an IT leader needs, can be a challenge.

CLOUD CIO™ solves this problem in two ways. CloudHealth, the recognized worldwide leader in Cloud Service Management, was selected to provide the reporting layer of CLOUD CIO™. CloudHealth is a great solution to extract meaningful data from your cloud infrastructure. But, the secret sauce of CLOUD CIO™ is Six Nines' experience.

“Using our extensive experience in helping customers migrate to the cloud,’ says Jason Cutrer, founder of Six Nines, “we provide the opinionated configuration, and reporting schemas that a customer needs to get real value and cost savings out of their tools.”

CLOUD CIO™ combines Six Nines knowledge of Amazon Web Services with cost and usage data collected from the customer’s cloud accounts to provide operational insights. Six Nines will work with the customer to configure cost management and monitoring functionality (including tagging methodology) to provide reporting to the customer’s operations and financial teams. Six Nines will also provide ongoing oversight to assist the customer in understanding their spend, and identify opportunities to cut costs.

Learn more about CLOUD CIO™ here:

About Six Nines IT LLC:

Six Nines, helps customers move to the cloud responsibly. Headquartered in Oakland CA with offices around the world, Six Nines has helped hundreds of customers Architect, Migrate and Maintain their cloud infrastructure. With over eight years experience, and with partnerships with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, and Google, Six Nines has become a leader in the cloud space.

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