CASE STUDY: 42 North - Healthcare DevOps

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CASE STUDY:  42 North Healthcare & DevOps Engagement

About 42 North:

42 North is a Chicago-based medical technology startup. 42 North manages and deploys innovative, customized pharmaceutical commercialization strategies to help their clients increase patient access and facilitate economic and clinical efficiencies in the prescription fulfillment process.

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Cloud Resource Tagging: Reaching your full potential

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You take tagging for granted. “Wait!”, you say. “I don’t take it for granted!”, I promise that you do. Whether you are a novice cloud operator or a seasoned architect, you take tagging for granted and, you are doing it wrong. How do I know this? Experience. Specifically, your experience. The IT field has not prepared you to set up tagging appropriately, and therefore, you have one audience in mind for your tagging strategy; you. You tagged your environment based on how you logically built your stack to keep track of your resources. Then, you threw in a few other bonus items like an extra key:value pair for what Operating System the machine is running or if it's in your production or staging environment. But, that is just the beginning of the potential insights you can gain with an appropriately tagged environment.

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Session management for Web-Applications on AWS Cloud

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Author: Nitheesh Poojary, Cloud Architect - Six Nines IT
Editors: Vinny Carpenter, Justin Alan Ryan


When a user uses web pages in a given browser, a user session is created by the server and the session ID is managed internally during the web session of the user. For example, when a user viewed three pages and logs out, this is termed as one web session. The HTTP protocol is stateless, so the server and the browser should have a way of storing the identity of each user session. 

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